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Welcome to LMC Online, the International Training Alliance’s (ITA) website for the virtual version of the training course called the Leadership Matters Course, or LMC!

ITA exists to provide transformational training for leaders on mission. Our flagship training event, the LMC is an intensive 12-day residential course based on our philosophy of transformational training. This website represents our effort to make the training available virtually, by breaking it down into four courses, whilst working diligently to maintain our transformational approach to training.

Transformational Training Approach:

  • WHAT?  We define transformational training as a guided experience of learning and practice for a specific purpose with the potential to change lives.
  • WHY?  Our approach to training aims to change leadership and life perspectives to make us better leaders/people, to help us be more effective and fruitful, as well as to build in the idea of multiplying leaders through our attitudes and actions.
  • WHERE? Traditionally this has involved gathering people in residential courses, but due to Covid-19 restrictions we are exploring how to effectively invest in others virtually. We are convinced that leadership development is relational, and the best kind of transformation takes place when we give leaders the opportunity to reflect, interact and practice with others in an affirming community.
  • HOW?  We work intentionally to apply our philosophy of transformational training in shaping the design and implementation of our virtual courses. Effective leaders not only have a head knowledge about leadership theory, they have skills that form an integral part of their leadership practice. Whilst giving a measured amount of knowledge, we place a strong emphasis on practice in workshops and assignments to help leaders develop these basic skills.

Any training that ITA creates for leaders aims for life transformation by incorporating two key elements: participation and skill development. Imagine this kind of training in a loving, affirming, accepting and diverse workshop environment. Whether residential or virtual, our desire is to effectively invest in the lives of leaders.

COACHING. Upon enrolment, you agree to also work together with a personal coach and with a small cohort. As stated before, we fundamentally believe that leaders (adults) grow best when given the opportunity to reflect, interact and practice with others in an affirming community.

ENROLMENT. In order to begin the courses, you must first enrol on our main website. Click HERE.