Communication Matters Course

Communication matters for leaders. This course covers Communications Skills, Motivational Skills and Training Skills. We also highlight the Biblical leadership elements of lifelong learning and pain.

The desired outcome of the LMC Communications Skills Training is to hone and use the power of simple story to communicate with impact to a variety of audiences.

The desired outcome of the LMC Motivational Skills Training is to increase the ability to motivate by understanding how values and resistance play important roles in moving forward together.

The desired outcome of the LMC Online Transformational Training Skills Training is to learn, practice and implement skills and tools to increase confidence and effectiveness in training adults. In these units we “draw back the curtain” on LMC training.

The desired outcome of the LMC Leadership Elements Training is to consider and reflect on selected Biblical elements of leadership that impact life and ministry. In this course, we will look specifically at the importance of lifelong learning as well as understanding and dealing with pain, in the Christian life, but particularly in ministry.