Working Together Matters

Working together matters! This course covers skills to help us work together more effectively. We cover Management Skills, Public Relations Skills, Creative Thinking and Decision-Making Skills, and we also highlight the Biblical leadership elements of vision and shepherding.

At the end of this online LMC Training on Management Skills you will be better equipped to achieve desired results through people by building them up and making them successful.

The desired outcome of the LMC Public Relations Training is to be able to identify, value and engage with those whose influence will impact life and ministry.

The desired outcome of the Creative Thinking and Decision-Making Training is to increase appreciation and skill for the interplay between creativity and making decisions with others.

The desired outcome of the LMC Leadership Elements Training is to consider and reflect on selected Biblical elements of leadership that impact life and ministry. We will look at sharpening vision as well as the caring or shepherding aspect of leadership.